We have cleaned up some pretty big messes.

What can we do for you?


Aquatic Management Services

We  help you realize the full potential of your real estate investment by improving the beauty and usability of your pond or lake. 


Natural Beauty

In most cases a pond or lake is the center of attention in your landscape. We have the ability to safely and efficiently improve the natural beauty and health of that pond or lake. In the case of muddy bodies of water these improvements can be realized overnight with virtually no disturbance to your landscape.

As a Texas Commercially Licensed and Insured Aquatic Applicator, we use an integrated approach to managing nuisance, invasive aquatic species allowing you the ability to fully enjoy all of the recreational opportunities your property has to offer.


Large or Small

Whether your project is large or small, we have the resources and focus to get the results you desire. 

Maintenance Plans


We offer maintenance plans that suit the needs of private and commercial property owners and managers.

Aquatic Weed Control


We use an integrated approach to solving aquatic weed problems. Our methods include biological, mechanical and approved aquatic herbicides. 

Pond and Lake Clearing


We can fix muddy water (turbidity) problems. This 20 acre lake went from 12 to 96 inches of clarity within a weeks time.



We offer pond and lake construction along with frac ponds, oil pad construction, low water crossings, oilfield roads, runways and other improvements that suit the needs of both the landowner and the producer.

Spillway Construction


During heavy rains, water needs a place to go. Controlling water flows and eliminating soil erosion is key to any earthwork project.  New or replacement, we'll get it done right and on time. 

Property Enjoyment


Our landscape maintenance plans for recreational properties take the hassle out of keeping your property ready for family and guests to enjoy.

A recent pond clearing project

This pond was impacted by runoff from a nearby construction project. In a few days it was back to normal.

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